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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For dEFDUMp

Artist Tags For dEFDUMp

1) Hardcore 2) Post-Hardcore 3) Seen Live 4) Metalcore 5) Screamo

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For dEFDUMp

1) Lament Manifest 2) Esse 3) Makeshift Polaris 4) baya california 5) What We Are 6) You Make Me Say Things I Don't Want to Say 7) walk on water 8) Going to Paris 9) the perfect moment 10) The Orient 11) What We Have Become 12) Mythen Sollten Mythen Bleiben 13) reflection on iris 14) Seas, Roads and Mountainpeaks 15) there is nothing left to lose 16) The Things I Love The Most 17) once you've learned how to let go 18) how lonely i really am 19) Unfertility 20) Sachalin with A Smile 21) Fado to the Citadel 22) A) La Beaute Du Geste B) Ce Don De Se Sentir Seul 23) This One 24) a) entre las estrellas b) every street you walk 25) Message To The Outside World 26) something is born 27) Siren Song 28) Pulse 29) Circle's closing 30) David Versus Corporate Society 31) Ljuba (something died) 32) Cliché 33) A)Stealing Kisses B)To Part Ways C)The Tempest 34) Schemes 35) Charel's Theme 36) The Underlying Tone 37) The World Burns And We Are Singing Songs 38) The Shallowness of Beauty 39) Individual 40) Facedef 41) straight 42) a) La Beaute du Geste; b) Ce Don de Se Sentir Seul 43) the things i love the most (this is how i have learned to let go) 44) Cliche (the efficient use of culture and art as a tool to dismantle and denounce the structures of a society based on hierarchy and control) 45) a) Entre Las Estrellas; b) Every Street You Walk 46) Thsee 47) i know 48) colors 49) Change 50) behave

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