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Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

Биография артиста The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood – группа, основанная в Калифорнии в августе 2011 года и играющая в стиле инди-поп. Группа состоит из вокалиста Джесси Разерфорда, гитаристов Джереми Фридмэна и Зака Эбелса, басиста Майки Маргота и ударника Брайана Саммиса. После выпуска двух ЕР под названиями I'm Sorry.

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“Sweater Weather” is the lead single from The Neighbourhood’s 2012 debut EP "I’m Sorry…" and also features on their debut full-length album "I Love You." “Sweater Weather” is one of The Neighbourhood’s most successful tracks, peaking at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in December 2013 and spent 11 weeks at #1 on the Alternative charts. The music video for the track reached 100 million views in December 2015, when the video was merely two years old. “Sweater Weather” is the first song the band had ever written together, composed during their first practice, around a year prior to its release. Frontman Jesse Rutherford recalled the historic day to Schon! in December 2015: “It was just a really special moment and it felt special before anybody said it was special. When we first wrote it and showed our families and some friends that we trusted their opinion around town or whatever, it was just a different reaction than we’d ever seen someone have to our music…”

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