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Ditto by NewJeans

Биография артиста NewJeans

NewJeans (кор. 뉴진스, ром. Nyujinseu; произносится: НьюДжинс) — южнокорейская гёрл-группа, сформированная ADOR, дочерней компанией Hybe Corporation в 2022 году. Коллектив состоит из пяти участниц: Минджи, Ханни, Даниэль, Хэрин и Хеин. Группа выпустила свой пре-дебютный сингл «Attention» 22 июля

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Frogtoon Музыка - Информация о песне: Ditto

“Ditto” serves as the pre-release single from NewJeans' first single album, OMG. The lyrics for the track describe an inner discussion of a person falling in love right away, reminiscent of being hit with Cupid’s arrow, and who also tries their best to bravely show affection to a significant one through an honest confession while hoping for the purity and good, requited relationship between each other. Despite the sweet, vulnerable meaning, the Shin Wooseok-directed ‘side A’ and ‘side B’ music videos for “Ditto” revolve around a divergent story, as they are shot from the perspective of Heesoo (played by Park Jihu), a close friend and schoolmate of NewJeans. The former shows the carefree and joyful life of the mysterious character and the group, which goes through an unexpected change after Heesoo’s arm is injured and is hallucinating about her moments with imaginary friends, while the latter continues the storyline of the video and reveals how the actual, yet ideal mindset of the girl looks like.

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