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Marc Ceccotti

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Marc Ceccotti

MARC CECCOTTI is best known for his work with Edhels. Even though he appears to be the primary force of that band, he has still found it necessary to work strictly solo. His musical life began at the Monaco Academy of Music. Through connections there, Edhels was formed in the early '80's. After around ten years of life with the band, he decided it was time to break out on his own, and recorded his first solo side project "M.A.S.C." in 1993. Whereas Edhels' albums were on the Musea label, Marc did his solo recording for Italy's Mellow Records.

Artist Tags For Marc Ceccotti

1) Blues Rock 2) Fusion Rock 3) Monaco 4) Rock 5) Instrumental

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Marc Ceccotti

1) Blood of poet 2) Just a wink Mama 3) Serata di settembre 4) Nice rendez-vous 5) LM Waltz 6) World adrift 7) The unlikely asian night 8) Tamaris 9) Girotondi 10) les ondees passageres 11) Blues for a brief affair 12) Sweet kiss & covert moon 13) With Love 14) One's Head In The Clouds 15) Memories Of Mimas 16) Signus 17) Dear Friend 18) Roba Da Matti 19) Chinese specter 20) Rue de la loge 21) Megalopole 22) M.A.S.C. 12 23) M.A.S.C. 25 24) Vent Vert (Requiem) 25) It was a pleasure to meet you 26) She's Not Like This Wooo 27) Dolcezza Di Una Notte 28) Quantum Vision 29) Inner Fire 30) Instant d'Eternite 31) Crystal Mass 32) Odysseus is awake 33) Crossing Saturn's Rings 34) The Lost Lady 35) Rubis 36) On An Angel's Wing 37) M.A.S.C. 19 38) Waiting For you 39) An Enigmatic Wave Of Empathy 40) The Time Thief 41) Don't Hang Up 42) Unexpected Meeting On Encelade 43) Electra's Talking Robots 44) Flying With Geronimo 45) At The Risk Of Hyperion 46) M.A.S.C. 52 47) The constants of nature 48) Three Crows Pecked Sand 49) M.A.S.C. 11 50) M.A.S.C. 33

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