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Time of Orchids

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Time of Orchids

"Formed in the summer of 1999, New York City's Time of Orchids possesses a unique and jarring slant - a wedding of staggered "prog rock" angularity and a sweeping, seductive beauty, informed as much by 1960s Italian film scores as by claustrophobia and deep orbit. Comprised of members Chuck Stern (keyboard, vocals), Eric Fitzgerald (guitar, vocals), Jesse Krakow (bass) and Dave Bodie (drums), the band has shared the stage with the likes of Orthrelm

Artist Tags For Time of Orchids

1) Avant-Garde 2) Experimental 3) Progressive Rock 4) Post-Rock 5) Progressive

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Time of Orchids

1) In Color Captivating 2) Darling Abandon 3) Windswept Spectacle 4) Parade of Seasons 5) Harness Well-Wishers 6) The Only Thing 7) Gem 8) Advent 9) It Gone 10) A Man to Hide 11) High Enthusiast 12) Crib Tinge to Callow 13) We Speak In Shards 14) All We Ever Wish 15) Ours, Engendered 16) Swarm of Hope 17) Entertainment Woes 18) Earned Over 19) Sinecure 20) Meant (Hush-Hush) 21) Depending View 22) Furtherance 23) Unpleasantries 24) Everyone Is Suspended 25) Whim 26) Empress Curfew Inviolate 27) Age Gracefully 28) Pleasure Indeed 29) Party Favors 30) Same Exact 31) Phantom Pregnancies 32) Thread of the Dream 33) Graduation Day 34) Scolex Throne: Shame of Heaven 35) Ulcer 36) What You Hold 37) Value This 38) Plenty of Room 39) Son, I Saw It 40) Laugh Track 41) Gone Fishin' 42) You Danced 43) Banquet for the Back of Neck 44) Ascend, in Pact 45) Decides 46) Locus of Control 47) Mention a Barn 48) Voice 49) Under the Teeth 50) I Know She's Talking About Me

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