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The Moonlighters

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Moonlighters

THE MOONLIGHTERS harken back to the days when bands didn't need a drummer to rock. Combining the hippest sounds and feels of the 1920's with modern songwriting sensibilities, they have created a completely unique style of their own. They can swing hard and then dissolve into a tender romantic ballad or dark, mournful dirge (sometimes all in the same song!). Two harmonizing female vox, steel guitar, uke, guitar & bass. THE MOONLIGHTERS have been a part of the New York City jazz and pop music scenes since they formed in 1998.

Artist Tags For The Moonlighters

1) Jazz 2) Rockabilly 3) Hawaiian Swing 4) 30s 5) 20s

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Moonlighters

1) Broken Heart 2) Right On 3) Rock-A-Bayou Baby 4) Right on (Sam Koki) 5) Money, We Haven't Got 6) Funky moon meditation 7) Little Indian Girl 8) Enchanted 9) Guitar Rock 10) Winter In My Heart 11) My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now 12) Hello Heartstring 13) Beyond the Reef 14) Resophonic Lullaby 15) I Can't Stop Eating 16) Queen Of Loneliness 17) Cafe Life 18) Race Track Papa 19) Desperado 20) 42nd Street 21) Texarkana Bound 22) Don't Baby Me 23) Ballad Of A Gink 24) Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Love 25) Dreamland 26) All My Life 27) Abandoned Blues 28) Don't Cry Baby 29) Shoo Doo Be Doo (My Loving Baby) 30) Seven Nights To Rock 31) Night Smoke 32) One More Time 33) Dirt Road Life 34) Mink Carpet 35) You Let Me Down 36) Fooling With The Other Woman's Man 37) Moanin' Low 38) It's Bad For Me 39) Infatuation 40) Mystified 41) Big Times 42) Mississippi 43) Blue And Black Eyed 44) Sheet Music Man 45) Blue Angel Medley 46) Julie 47) Stirred by a Spoon 48) I Can't Stand It 49) Indebted to You 50) There Ain't No Sweet Man Worth the Salt of My Tears

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For The Moonlighters

1) Keb Darge & Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers 2) Keb Darge And Cut Chemist Present - Lost And Found: Rockabilly, Jump and Blues 3) Enchanted 4) Swing Style - Swing Beats For Dancing Feets 5) Essential Ska Masters 6) Putumayo Kids Presents: Hawaiian Playground 7) Dreamland 8) The Missing Moonlighters, Live / Studio Closet Tapes 9) Keb Darge Presents Lost and Found: Rockabilly and Jump Blues 10) Rush Hour 11) Live in Baden-Baden 12) (null) 13) Putumayo Kids Presents Hawaiian Playground 14) Swing Style 15) Hello Heartstring 16) Swing Style By Gülbahar Kültür 17) Surrender 18) the sound of funk 4 19) Swing Style (Compiled and Mixed by Gulbahar Kultur) 20) Putumayo Kids Presents - Hawaiian Playground 21) Rockabilly Gold, Volume 7 22) Hawaiian Playground 23) Rockabilly Rock and Roll Nuggets Volume 9 - The Rare, The Rarer and The Rarest Rockers 24) Snowboy presents New Vintage 25) Teen Rock in the USA 26) Dangerous Doo-Wop 4 27) Chess Doo-Wop 28) American Lullaby 29) Lost and Found: Rockabilly and Jump Blues Disc 1 30) Kicksville! Volume 01 - Raw Rockabilly Acetates - Norton Records LP ED277 31) Tropical Lullaby 32) The Sound Of Funk Volume 4 33) Greatest Rock N' Roll Of The '50s & Early '60s 34) Lost And Found: Rockabilly And Jump Blues 35) Teen Idols Of The Past 36) The Moonlighters 37) Mash It! More Jamaican R&B and the Birth of Ska 38) The Ultimate 50 Rebel Songs 39) Teenage Hop - Lost Tracks Of The '50s & Early '60s 40) On the Quiet 41) Rockabilly Gold Vol 7 42) Swing Style: Swing Beats for Dancing Feets 43) Keb Darge - Lost and Found: Rockabilly and Jump Blues 44) Breaking Point: 20 Hard-Edged Beat Diamonds 45) Money Songs 46) De Rock 'n Roll Methode 23 47) De Rock 'n Roll Methode 21 (Instr. Guitar) 48) Keb Darge and Cut Chemist Present Lost and Found Rockabilly and Jump Blues 49) If I Had a Pair of Wings: Jamaican Doo Wop, Vol. 2 50) Swing-Jazz For You

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