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The Avett Brothers

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Avett Brothers

Вот уже больше десяти лет группа The Avett Brothers, где заправляют братья Сет и Скотт Эветты, соединяет энергию рок-н-ролла и блюграссовые гармонии. Эта взрывоопасная смесь привлекла Рика Рубина, который подписал выходцев из Северной Каролины на лейбле-гиганте

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Avett Brothers

1) I And Love And You 2) January Wedding 3) Kick Drum Heart 4) Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise 5) Laundry Room 6) Murder in the City 7) Live and Die 8) The Perfect Space 9) And It Spread 10) Ten Thousand Words 11) Die Die Die 12) Shame 13) The Weight of Lies 14) Slight Figure Of Speech 15) The Ballad Of Love And Hate 16) Ill With Want 17) Tin Man 18) It Goes On And On 19) I Would Be Sad 20) Incomplete And Insecure 21) The Once And Future Carpenter 22) Go To Sleep 23) If It's The Beaches 24) Winter In My Heart 25) Salina 26) Morning Song 27) Ain't No Man 28) All My Mistakes 29) February Seven 30) At the Beach 31) Pretty Girl From Chile 32) Living Of Love 33) Pretty Girl From San Diego 34) I Never Knew You 35) Pretty Girl From Michigan 36) Will You Return? 37) Souls Like the Wheels 38) Paranoia in B Major 39) Bella Donna 40) Tear Down the House 41) Famous Flower Of Manhattan 42) No Hard Feelings 43) Hand-Me-Down Tune 44) Another Is Waiting 45) Through My Prayers 46) Down With the Shine 47) Talk On Indolence 48) Will You Return 49) Distraction #74 50) I Wish I Was

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