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Tactical Sekt

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Tactical Sekt

Группа TACTICAL SEKT была образована в 2002 году Anthony Mather, участником известной британской dark electro/EBM формации ASLAN FACTION, и вначале задумавалась музыкантом как сольный сайд-проект. Однако после выхода дебютного альбома «Geneticide» и его прорыва во всевозможные европейский чарты на самые верхние позиции

Artist Tags For Tactical Sekt

1) Ebm 2) Dark Electro 3) Industrial 4) Harsh EBM 5) Terror Ebm

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Tactical Sekt

1) Bring Me Violence 2) Syncope 3) American Me 4) Not Entertained 5) Dark Sky 6) Soulless 7) Chosen One 8) Beslan 9) Not Going To Work That Way 10) Waiting for the World to End 11) The Hanging Garden 12) Awaken the Ghost (Final Awakening) 13) Burn Process 14) 4 Steps To Dysfunction 15) Uncivil Liberties 16) Forgot to Be Human 17) Xfixiation 18) Capital Fallacies 19) Cold Victim 20) You're Fired 21) Without Restraint 22) Genetic Mistrust 23) Devils Work 24) Useless 25) Catatonic 26) Damage Limitation 27) The Enemy Within 28) VX 29) Left for Dead 30) Faded Prophecy 31) Uncleansed 32) Fleshcoated Technology 33) Devil's Work 34) Devils Work (Accuser Remix By Solitary Experiments) 35) Enslaved Existence 36) Siege Engine 37) Future Dead 38) Shadow Crawler 39) Dead Bodies 40) Stone Hard Agony 41) Xfixiation (Myer Burns The Dancefloor Remix By Haujobb) 42) Burn Process (Destruction remix by Reality) 43) Damage Limitation (Limited Suffering remix by DJ Rexx Arkana) 44) Rudimentary Abhoratien 45) Xfixiation (Hellfire Remix by [:SITD:]) 46) Devil's Work (Accuser remix by Solitary Experiments) 47) Xfixiation Hellfire (Remix by SITD) 48) Rudimentery Abhoratien 49) damage limitation (limited suf 50) xfixiation (myer burns the dan

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