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Susumu Yokota

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Susumu Yokota

横田進 (Yokota Susumu) электронный композитор родом из Японии, завоевавший славу и популярность у себя на родине, стал знаменитым во всем мире. Музыка, которую он играет - удивительна. Она одновременно и звон весеннего ветра, и любовный шепот волны, ее бесконечный монолог с камнями

Artist Tags For Susumu Yokota

1) Ambient 2) Electronic 3) Japanese 4) Electronica 5) Chillout

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Susumu Yokota

1) Tobiume 2) Kodomotachi 3) Gekkoh 4) Saku 5) Genshi 6) Hagoromo 7) Traveler in the Wonderland 8) Blue Sky And Yellow Sunflower 9) Azukiiro No Kaori 10) Hisen 11) Song Of The Sleeping Forest 12) Shinsen 13) Kirakiraboshi 14) Uchu Tanjyo 15) Long Long Silk Bridge 16) Naminote 17) King Dragonfly 18) Purple Rose Minuet 19) Sleepy Eye 20) Flaming Love and Destiny 21) The Plateau Which The Zephyr Of Flora Occupies 22) Card Nation 23) The Dying Black Swan 24) Lapis Lazuli 25) Fairy Dance Of Twinkle And Shadow 26) I Imagine 27) I Close The Door Upon Myself 28) Your Twinkling Eyes 29) Cherry Blossom 30) Capriccio and the Innovative Composer 31) Love Bird 32) symbol of life, love, and aesthetics 33) Music From The Lake Surface 34) Grass, Tree and Stone 35) Fairy Link 36) Flying Cat 37) Live Echo 38) The Colour of Pomegranates 39) Beans 40) Balloon in The Cage 41) Fearful Dream 42) Secret Garden 43) So Red 44) Tears of a Poet 45) Lost Child 46) Her Feminineness 47) Future Tiger 48) For the Other Self Who Is Far Away That I Can Not Reach 49) Red Swan 50) Rose Necklace

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