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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Shalamar

ШАЛАМАР (Shalamar), американское вокальное трио, в первой половине 1980-х годов постоянно находившее внимание подростковой аудитории благодаря как своей безупречно аранжированной и всегда танцевальной музыке, так и смакуемым в прессе драматическим коллизиям взаимоотношений его участников.

Artist Tags For Shalamar

1) Disco 2) Soul 3) Funk 4) 80s 5) Rnb

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Shalamar

1) A Night To Remember 2) I Can Make You Feel Good 3) The Second Time Around 4) Dancing In The Sheets 5) Make That Move 6) This Is for the Lover in You 7) Take That to the Bank 8) Right in the Socket 9) There It Is 10) Over and Over 11) Dead Giveaway 12) Full of Fire 13) Friends 14) Sweeter As The Days Go By 15) I Owe You One 16) Second Time Around 17) Don't Get Stopped in Beverly Hills 18) Uptown Festival 19) My Girl Loves Me 20) Don't Try to Change Me 21) Circumstantial Evidence 22) Games 23) Attention To My Baby 24) Dancing In The Sheets (Extended 12" Remix) 25) Somewhere There's A Love 26) Work It Out 27) Disappearing Act 28) Amnesia 29) I Don't Wanna Be the Last to Know 30) Help Me 31) Dancing In The Sheets - Extended 12" Remix 32) On Top of the World 33) Ooh Baby Baby 34) Night to Remember 35) Playing to Win 36) A Night To Remember - UK Single Version 37) I Just Stopped By Because I Had to 38) A Mix To Remember Megamix: A Night To Remember, There It Is, Over And Over, I Can Make You Feel Good, I Owe You One, A Night To Remember 39) The Right Time for Us 40) Some Things Never Change 41) Deadline USA 42) Good Feelings 43) Stay Close to Love 44) High On Life 45) Girl 46) Take Me to the River 47) Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo 48) Appeal 49) Talk to Me 50) Rocker

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