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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Midtown

Состав группы: Гейб Сапорта (Gabe Saporta) – вокал, бас-гитара Тайлер Ранн (Tyler Rann) – гитара Хит Сарасено (Heath Saraceno) – гитара Роб Хитт (Rob Hitt) – ударные Американский поп-панк/альтернативный рок коллектив из Нью-Джерси. Midtown была образована тремя студентами Rutgers University, но вскоре стала поп-рок квартетом.

Artist Tags For Midtown

1) Pop Punk 2) Rock 3) Emo 4) Punk 5) Punk Rock

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Midtown

1) Give It Up 2) Become What You Hate 3) Knew It All Along 4) Like A Movie 5) Get It Together 6) Let Go 7) Empty Like The Ocean 8) You Should Know 9) Still Trying 10) Perfect 11) Just Rock And Roll 12) Find Comfort In Yourself 13) Direction 14) God Is Dead 15) Waiting For The News 16) There's No Going Back 17) Whole New World 18) To Our Savior 19) The Tragedy Of The Human Condition 20) Help Me Sleep 21) Nothing Is Ever What It Seems 22) Your Love 23) Another Boy 24) In The Songs 25) Come On 26) Until It Kills 27) No Place Feels Like Home 28) A Faulty Foundation 29) We Bring Us Down 30) One Last Time 31) Such A Person 32) Recluse 33) Is It Me? Is It True? 34) Manhattan 35) Resting Sound 36) Frayed Ends 37) Armageddon 38) So Long As We Keep Our Bodies Numb We're Safe 39) Your Love (The Outfield) 40) Hey Baby, Don't You Know That We're All Whores 41) Sacrifice of Life 42) The Easy Way Out 43) Living in Spite 44) Knew It All Along (Acoustic) 45) Susanne 46) Just Rock & Roll 47) Armageddon Motherfuckers 48) is it me is it true 49) Hey Baby, Don't You Know 50) No Place Fells Like Home

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