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Library Tapes

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Library Tapes

Library Tapes - сольный проект шведского музыканта Дэвида Веннгрена. На сегодняшний день его дискография насчитывает 6 альбомов, в записи которых в разное время принимали участие такие артисты, как Colleen, Erik Skodvin, Peter Broderick, Sylvain Chauveau и Danny Norbury. По мнению журнала Pitchfork, Library Tapes звучит, как Эрик Сати на

Artist Tags For Library Tapes

1) Ambient 2) Piano 3) Experimental 4) Post-Rock 5) Electronic

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Library Tapes

1) Fragment II 2) Fragment I 3) Fragment V 4) Fragment VIII 5) Fragment III 6) Repor 7) Fragment IV 8) Fragment VI 9) Fragment VII 10) The Rivers Turned to Cobblestone 11) Abandoned Houses Hiding in Flickering Shadows 12) Shut Your Eyes And You'll Find The Trees Turning Into Flames 13) The Typewriter 14) Lines Running Low Through 7TH (...the Shame of It All...) 15) Sketch_2: First Day of Spring 16) Departures (Burning Saints for Your Own Sins) 17) It Was A Cold Day In February And We Walked Across The Lake 18) Above the flood 19) Sketch_3: View from a Train 1 20) pieces of us were left on the tracks... 21) Fields 22) Snowleaf 23) A Summer Beneath The Trees 24) A summer by the sea I 25) Sketch_5: View from a Train 2 26) Sketch_11: First Day of Winter 27) The Park 28) But Now Things Were Different, With Birds Unable To Speak 29) Sketch_9: View from a Train 3 30) the fragile tide 31) The Sound of Emptiness, Part 1 32) May 33) Waves 34) Fading Lights and Distant Memories 35) The Scratches on the Window in the Doors of Each Cell 36) Feathers 37) the modest triumph 38) The Sound of Emptiness, Part 2 39) ... and the rain did fall 40) Skiss av träd 41) It Ends with a Version of Keeping, Reminding About What Once Were... 42) Cold Leaves for the Violent Ground 43) Introduction II 44) The Leaves Have Left Us 45) Alone in the Bright Lights of a Shattered Life 46) Feelings For Something Lost In Two Parts (pt. 1) 47) Mellan ljud och text 48) Skiss Av Trad 49) Dis/Dagg/Dimma 50) Distans

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