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Joseph Spence

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Joseph Spence

Artist Tags For Joseph Spence

1) Blues 2) Folk 3) Fingerstyle 4) Gospel 5) Bahamian

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Joseph Spence

1) Coming In On a Wing and a Prayer 2) Out on the Rolling Sea 3) Bimini Gal 4) We shall be happy 5) Brownskin Gal 6) Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town 7) There Will Be a Happy Meeting in Glory 8) Jump In the Line 9) Oh, How I Love Jesus 10) I'm Going to Live That Life 11) Face to Face That I Shall Know Him 12) I Bid You Good Night 13) I See Mary and Joseph 14) Good Morning Mr. Walker 15) The Lord Is My Shepherd 16) The Glory of Love 17) Sloop John B. 18) Don't Take Everybody to Be Your Friend 19) Don't Let Nobody Burn Down Burma Road 20) Neighbor Gone Home 21) Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 22) Diamond on earth 23) Uncle Lou / No lazy man 24) Bye and Bye 25) Yellow Bird 26) (Glory, Glory) When I Lay My Burden Down 27) If I Had the Wings of a Dove 28) Mary Ann 29) Brown Skin Gal 30) Be a Friend to Jesus 31) All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name 32) I am Living on the Hallelujah Side 33) He Walks With Me 34) The Lord's My Shepherd 35) The crow 36) Crow 37) Will the Serpent Be Unbroken 38) Conch Aint Got No Bone 39) Conch ain't got no bone 40) Jesus On The Mainline 41) I'll Overcome Some Day 42) Sloop John B 43) Brownskin Girl 44) Living On The Hallelujah Side 45) A Closer Walk With Thee 46) Irene Goodnight 47) Where Shall I Go 48) When The Saints Go Marching In 49) On My Way To Heaven 50) That Glad Reunion Day

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Joseph Spence

1) Happy All the Time 2) Bahamian Guitarist 3) The Complete Folkways Recordings 1958 4) Living on the Hallelujah Side 5) Good Morning Mr. Walker 6) Complete Folkways Recordings 7) Forever Changing: The Golden Age of Elektra Records 1963-1973 8) Bahaman Folk Guitar: Music of the Bahamas, Vol. 1 9) Glory 10) The Complete Folkways Recordings 11) (null) 12) Jump in Line 13) Smithsonian Folkways World Music Collection 14) Dr. Demento: Holidays In Dementia 15) Think Global: World Christmas 16) Joseph Spence & The Pinder Family: The Spring Of Sixty-Five 17) The guitar of Joseph Spence 18) Friends of Old Time Music: The Folk Arrival 1961 - 1965 19) Music of the Bahamas: Bahaman Folk Guitar 20) Bahaman Guitarist: Good Morning Mr. Walker 21) The Music Never Stopped: Roots Of The Grateful Dead 22) Wrong Time to be Right 23) Joseph Spence: Folk Guitar - John Roberts and Frederick McQueen: Bahaman Ballads and Rhyming Spirituals 24) Must Be Santa! The Rounder Christmas Album 25) The Real Bahamas In Music And Song 26) The Real Bahamas 27) Kneelin' Down Inside The Gate: The Great Rhyming SIngers of the Bahamas 28) The Complete Folkways Recordings (1958) 29) Holidays In Dementia 30) Bahamian Guitarist: Good Morning Mr. Walker 31) The Spring Of Sixty-five 32) Dance with your mouth full of Olyvie 33) Mas! A Caribbean Christmas Party 34) Jump in the Line 35) Guitar Masters 36) The Complete Folkways Recordings-1958 37) Friends Of Old Time Music (Disc 2) 38) Ry Cooder Classics 39) Forever Changing - The Golden Age Of Elektra Records 1963-1973 40) Friends of Old Time Music 41) Forever Changing: Golden Age of Elektra [Disc 5] 42) The Spring of Sixty Five 43) Gospel At Newport 44) Friends Of Old Time Music [Disc 2] 45) Western Fiddle 46) Holiday in Dementia 47) Doctor Demento: Holidays in Dementia 48) Dr. Demento Holidays in Dementia 49) Forever Changing: Golden Age of Elektra (Disc 5) 50) Outsider Xmas

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