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Inola Gurgulia

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Inola Gurgulia

Inola Gurgulia (1929-1977) - this name, in the first place, is associated with the image of a poetic, faithful, loving, free person. She is the author of about one hundred songs, the texts of which (with the exception of just a few) are written by her as well. Inolas's art of singing is known to a wide circle of public through "Samaya" - a trio founded by her. Its role in the history of singers' trios in Georgia is very important. Unfortunately, Inola Gurgulia

Artist Tags For Inola Gurgulia

1) Folk 2) Romance 3) Georgia 4) Georgian

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Inola Gurgulia

1) Adamiani 2) Singing 3) Agar geli me 4) Madlobeli var 5) Im games tovda 6) Fifqebi 7) Minda navi 8) Mitxari rame 9) Damijere 10) Atcvims mdinares 11) Oh say 12) Darchi chemtan 13) Gana chemi bralia 14) Me isev damibrundebi 15) Da ikos sae 16) Saqanela 17) Gaxsovs 18) sizmaria 19) Atcvims zgvas 20) Rad ginda 21) Nakaduli 22) Gmerto dzliero 23) Nurafers metkvi 24) Me isev gelodebi 25) Sikvarulma damatro 26) Nu moxval 27) Niavi 28) Man 29) Shentan minda 30) Oh, Say 31) Sen rom giyvarde kargo 32) ra kargi xar / ინოლა გურგულია- რა კარგი ხარ რა კარგი 33) Tovda da tovda 34) Me isev mtcams 35) ai da ra rig gixdeba... 36) ai da rarig gixdeba loyis dziras xalia 37) shentan 38) It's Raining On The Sea 39) It's A Dream 40) Qari Kvlav Arkhevs 41) I Want To Be With You 42) Qari Kvlav Arxevs 43) I Want A Boat 44) Geli 45) Nurafers Metyvi 46) ai da ra rigad gixdeba 47) Streamlet 48) რად გინდა? 49) ადამიანი 50) საქანელა

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