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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Fireworks

A band as colorful and explosive as their name implies, Fireworks is a group of individuals that create a sound with enough pop quality to keep your little sisters attention and with enough edge to rid them of the "guilty pleasure" status. Hailing from stereotypically suburban Metro Detroit, Fireworks is comprised of five electric personalities with endless influences. Together they create a unique blend of "infectious, well-written punk with an undeniable sense of melody."

Artist Tags For Fireworks

1) Pop Punk 2) Seen Live 3) Melodic Punk 4) Pop-Punk 5) Punk

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Fireworks

1) Detroit 2) When We Stand On Each Other We Block Out the Sun 3) Show Me Your Vanishing Act One More Time 4) Arrows 5) Closet Weather 6) Come Around 7) 2923 Monroe St. 8) Holiday 9) I Support Same Sex Marriage 10) You've Lost Your Charm 11) Again and Again 12) Geography, Vonnegut And Me 13) I Was Born in the Dark 14) X's on Trees 15) We're Still Pioneers 16) Oh, Why Can't We Start Old & Get Younger 17) Teeth 18) Summer 19) Life Is Killing Me 20) I Am the Challenger 21) Paintings of Paul Revere 22) I Locked My Time Capsule 23) The Wild Bunch 24) From Mountain Movers to Lazy Losers 25) Run, Brother, Run 26) Dave Mackinder Vs. the World 27) Decline of a Midwestern Civilization 28) Bed Sores 29) Michigan Boys Need To Get A Clue 30) Cardellini 31) Glowing Crosses 32) The Midnight Society 33) Heart-A-Tact 34) You Weren't Born With A Bag of Sand In Your Hands 35) I Grew Up In A Legion Hall 36) Don't Blame It On The Ocean Floor 37) Flies on Tape 38) Seasick 39) Five Years 40) The Back Window's Down 41) Like Ships In The Night 42) Woods 43) Play "God Only Knows" at My Funeral 44) One More Creature Dizzy With Love 45) The Only Thing That Haunts This House Is Me 46) The Sound of Young America 47) The Hotbed of Life 48) Gloom 49) The Weekend Before Halloween 50) Attitude

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Fireworks

1) All I Have to Offer Is My Own Confusion 2) Gospel 3) Oh, Common Life 4) Adventure, Nostalgia, and Robbery 5) We Are Everywhere 6) All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion Master 7) Bonfires EP 8) Gospel [Deluxe Edition] 9) Bonfires - EP 10) Demitasse 11) Gospel (Deluxe Edition) 12) Set the World on Fire 13) We Walk The Streets At Night 14) Can't Hardly Wait Demo 15) Anxiety 16) (null) 17) 2010 Spring Sampler 18) Save Your Breath Vs. Fireworks 19) Save Your Breath vs Fireworks 20) Warped Tour 2012 Compilation 21) Adventure, Nostalgia and Robbery - EP 22) Gospel (Japan Edition) 23) Misfits Covers 24) (Oh), Common Life 25) Save Your Breath/Fireworks Split 26) Start the Party 27) Atticus: ...Dragging the Lake IV 28) All I Have To Offer Is My Own 29) 2011 Winter Sampler 30) Warped Tour 2012 Compilation [Disc 1] 31) GLMR KLLS Warped Tour Sampler 32) Lit Up 33) Fireworks 34) Suburban Sprawl Holiday Sampler 35) All I Have to Offer Is My Own Confusion (Bonus Track Version) 36) Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus Volumes 1 & 2 37) Run For Cover Records Summer Sampler 2012 38) SSMXMAS2010 39) Atticus... Dragging The Lake IV 40) Oh Common Life – Sessions 41) B-sides 42) We Are Everywhere [EP] 43) Oh, Common Life Bonus EP 44) Fathers and Sons of Garage Punk, vol.9: Garage Blues 45) Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus 46) Run For Cover Records Summer Sampler 47) Cheapo Crypt Sampler CD 48) undefined 49) Demo 50) Koozies, Woodies, and Beers: A Brah/Ocropolis Benefit Compilation for Japan Relief

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