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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Everlife

Все началось зимним утром в конце 1997 года, на улице маленького города Индианы, Пенсильвания. Трое молодых сестер заключили договор, который должен был определить результат их дальнейшей жизни. Тот договор , видимо, в свое время не сдержали, и сейчас эти три сестры известны, как группа EVERLIFE.

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1) Pop Rock 2) Rock 3) Pop 4) Female Vocalists 5) Disney

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Everlife

1) Find Yourself In You 2) Look Through My Eyes 3) Go Figure 4) Real Wild Child 5) Goodbye 6) I Could Get Used to This 7) Reflection 8) Faded 9) Static 10) Where You Are 11) Strangers Like Me 12) Angels Cry 13) What I Like About You 14) Now or Never 15) Daring to Be Different 16) I'm Over It 17) Resistance 18) Heaven Open Your Eyes 19) Save Me 20) Evidence 21) Attention 22) Take a Ride 23) Set Me Free 24) Three Little Girls 25) Stranger Like Me 26) Lead the Way 27) Getting Closer 28) What Made Us 29) Even When 30) Coming Home 31) Missing You 32) Strangers Like Me (Jungle Rock Remix) 33) At The End Of Everything 34) Are We OK 35) Stop Sign 36) What's Beautiful 37) Love In Rhythm 38) Timmy's Song 39) Forgive 40) Look Through My Eyes (Album Version) 41) I Can See Clearly Now 42) Strangers Like Me {From Tarzan} 43) Find Your Self 44) Will It Be Enough 45) Look Through My Eye 46) Strangers Like Me - Pop Version 47) I Can Love You 48) Every Day Is Christmas 49) Strangers Like Me (Pop Version) 50) Alleluia

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