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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Elohim

ELOHIM is a four-piece French unit founded by keyboardist Jacky Sourisseau in the early 70's. Their style is a mixture of neo-prog and fusion, combining the sounds of MARILLION and IQ with those of ANGE, ATOLL and to a lesser extent, JETHRO TULL. Apart from Sourisseau, they featured Daniel Trutet on guitar and bass as well as brother Jean-Paul on vocals (who would later move on to HECENIA and UDRAYA) and Jean-Marc Proux on drums. The band released one album and appeared on the compilation disk "Enchantement" in 1987 before breaking up.

Artist Tags For Elohim

1) Electronic 2) Electropop 3) Progressive Rock 4) Synthpop 5) Black Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Elohim

1) Sleepy Eyes 2) Hallucinating 3) She Talks Too Much 4) Fuck Your Money 5) Xanax 6) Panic Attacks (feat. Yoshi Flower) 7) Sensations - Whethan Remix 8) The Wave 9) Half Love 10) Sensations 11) Bridge and the Wall 12) TV 13) Connect 14) Skinny Legs 15) Pigments 16) braindead 17) All That Gold 18) Buckets 19) I Want You 20) Why Am I Like This? 21) Insecure 22) Xanax (Moon Boots Remix) 23) Guts 24) flagpole sitta 25) Paradise 26) The Universe Is Yours 27) Enemies 28) Silence Is Cool 29) Xanax - Moon Boots Remix 30) Water Baby 31) Not Just Your Mama 32) The Wave - Louis the Child Remix 33) running 34) Hallucinating - Mariachi Version 35) FYM (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Rock Mafia Remix 36) Sleepy Eyes - RAC Mix 37) Black and Blue (Interlude) 38) Sensations - Live Acoustic 39) pills 40) 9 (Interlude) 41) Panic Attacks (feat. Yoshi Flower) - DENM Remix 42) meditation medication 43) metamorphine 44) Xanax - Live Acoustic 45) She Talks Too Much (BECOME Remix) 46) Sensations (Wheathin Remix) 47) She Talks Too Much (Gosh Pith Remix) 48) Sensations (Whethan Remix) 49) Hallucinating (Mariachi Version) 50) Soliloquy

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