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David Arkenstone

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For David Arkenstone

Хотя он и предпочитает называть свою многогранную музыку "кинематографический new age" или "новый импрессионизм", но музыкальная индустрия требует строгой классификации, и поэтому творчество композитора и мульти-инструменталиста David'a Arkenstone может быть лучше всего охарактеризовано как просто new age.

Artist Tags For David Arkenstone

1) New Age 2) Celtic 3) Instrumental 4) Ambient 5) Folk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For David Arkenstone

1) The Dragon's Breath 2) Cailleach's Whisper 3) The Festival 4) Heart Of Spring 5) Behind Walls Of Stone 6) Yearning Hearts 7) The Turning Of The Year 8) Light Of The Water 9) Valley In The Clouds 10) Road To The Faire 11) Equos Fair 12) Angels In The Snow 13) Ancient Legend 14) Wind In The Trees 15) The Boats 16) Night Wind 17) Call Of The Sea 18) The Temple Of Vaal 19) A Special Place 20) Children Of The Sun 21) The Temple Of Poseidon 22) Desert Crossing 23) The Dream Of The Gods 24) Stormcry 25) Under The Canopy 26) In The Ancient Time 27) Stepping Stars 28) Companions 29) The Ancient Road 30) Continue To Be 31) May It Be (Celtic Sanctuary ) 32) Temple Of The Pharoah 33) Another Star In The Sky 34) Jewel Of The Sea 35) Across The Great Oceans 36) Voices Of The Anasazi 37) City In The Clouds 38) Galadriel's Mirror 39) The Magic Forest 40) Tower Of Light 41) Soft Sand 42) Himalayan Caravan 43) Roof of the World 44) Discovery 45) The Wolf Hunt 46) A Thousand Small Gold Bells 47) Changes 48) The Quest Of Culhwch 49) Midnight Fires 50) Desert Ride

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For David Arkenstone

1) The Celtic Book Of Days 2) Spirit Wind 3) Valley In The Clouds 4) Atlantis 5) Citizen of the World 6) Celtic Sanctuary 7) Quest Of The Dream Warrior 8) Celtic Chillout 9) Citizen Of Time 10) Another Star In The Sky 11) Chillout Lounge 12) In The Wake Of The Wind 13) Spirit Of Tibet 14) Spirit Of Ireland 15) World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth Original Soundtrack 16) Return Of The Guardians 17) Island 18) Music Inspired by Middle Earth 19) Spirit Of The Rainforest 20) Best of David Arkenstone 21) Celtic Garden: A Celtic Tribute To The Music Of Sarah Brightman, Enya, Celtic Woman, Secret Garden And More 22) Celtic Journeys: A David Arkenstone Celtic Collection 23) Caravan Of Light 24) Ambient World 25) Best of the Best: A Tribute to Game Music 26) (null) 27) Celtic Romance 28) Sketches From An American Journey 29) Inamorata 30) Enchantment: A Magical Christmas 31) Summer Solstice 32) Be Thou My Vision: Celtic Hymns 33) Myths and Legends 34) Echoes Of Light And Shadow 35) undefined 36) Chronicles 37) Christmas Lounge 38) Winter Fantasy 39) Visionary (The Ultimate Narada Collection - David Arkenstone) 40) World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Original Soundtrack 41) Frontier 42) World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth 43) Christmas Spirit 44) The Celtic Circle Collection 45) Celtic Garden: A Celtic Tribute To The Music Of Sarah Brightman, Enya, Celtic Woman, Secret 46) Narada Collection 5 47) Celtic Christmas 48) The Fairy Garden 49) The Best Of David Arkenstone 50) Snowfall

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David Arkenstone