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Alia Tempora

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Alia Tempora

Alia Tempora is the czech modern rock/metal band with a female lead singer. Their work experiments with blends of electronic and metal music and both fans and critics liken it to Amaranthe, Delain, and Lacuna Coil. The band has performed at over 50 concerts and never fails to put on a show. Among it's greatest concert successes are the Made of Metal festival, Majáles in Brno, and the support of the bands XANDRIA (ger), SERENITY (AT) or JADED STAR (GR) on Female Voices Fest in Germany.

Artist Tags For Alia Tempora

1) Female Fronted Metal 2) Metal 3) Industrial 4) Symphonic Metal 5) Melodic Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Alia Tempora

1) Black 'N' White 2) Mockingjay 3) Digital Cube 4) Frozen 5) Leave You Behind 6) Connected 7) Humanity 8) Far and Forgotten 9) Fairytale 10) Aurora 11) Disconnected 12) Now And Then 13) Bark on Me 14) Dragonfly Effect 15) Ready, Hun? 16) Loser Like Me 17) Crossroads (100 Fan Voices) 18) Get Well Soon 19) Haul of Fame 20) fairytale (piano) 21) Crossroads (Piano) 22) Asking 23) Mockingjay - Remix 24) Fairytale - Piano 25) Mockingjay (feat. Timo Somers) 26) Por Siempre 27) Black 'N' White (feat. Timo Somers) 28) Asking (feat. Mario Del Rio Escobedo) 29) Por Siempre (feat. Mario Del Rio Escobedo) 30) FairyTale (Piano version) 31) Now and Then (Bitrate) 32) Connected (intro) 33) Fairytale [8RZ] 34) Frozen [8Sh] 35) Aurora [8S5] 36) Now and Then [8S2] 37) Leave You Behind [8S3] 38) Fairytale [PIANO] 39) Mockingjay (feat. Timo Somers) [Remix] 40) Disconnected [8RW] 41) Far and Forgotten [8Sb] 42) Digital Cube [8Sn] 43) 20140614 Frozen B preMIX 44) Leave You Behind [U4J] 45) Mockingjay (Ft. TIMO SOMERS) 46) Mockingjay [8S7] 47) Fairytale (Piano) [Piano] 48) At the close of the day 49) Mockingjay (Featuring Timo Somers) 50) Mockingjay (feat. Timo Somers) [8RT]

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