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Algernon Cadwallader

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Algernon Cadwallader

Замечательная группа образованая в Филадельфии 27го ноября 2005го года. Значительно отличаются от всех групп которые играют похожую музыку. Группа состоит из 4х участников Joe,Peter,Tank и второй гитарист

Artist Tags For Algernon Cadwallader

1) Emo 2) Math Rock 3) Indie 4) Indie Rock 5) Seen Live

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Algernon Cadwallader

1) Spit Fountain 2) Casual Discussion In A Dome Between Two Temples 3) Some Kind of Cadwallader 4) Horror 5) The Stars 6) Fun 7) Motivational Song 8) Foggy Mountain 9) Yo Soy Milk 10) Serial Killer Status 11) Katie's Conscience 12) Second-Rate Machines 13) In Response to Irresponsibility 14) I Wanna go to the Beach 15) Breath Wish 16) Springing Leaks 17) Sailor Set Sail 18) Pitfall 19) Black Clouds 20) Responsible Party 21) Preservatives 22) I've Got Piano 23) Parrot Flies 24) If It Kills Me 25) Glenwood Ave. 26) Uniform 27) Sad 28) Loose Cannons 29) Cruisin' 30) Chewed Up and Spit Out (In A Bowl) 31) Shirt 32) On Up 33) Look Down (Because the Ground Is Easier to Understand and Doesn't Take So Much Work to Figure Out But I'd Rather Not Know Where I'm Standing and Have An Idea of What Life Is All About) 34) Look Down 35) (na na na na) simulation 36) Look Down (Because The Ground Is Easier To Understand And Doesn't Take So Much Work To Figure Out But I'd Rather Not Know Where I'm Standing And Have A Glimpse Of What Life Is All About) 37) This Boy 38) Katie's Conscious (Demo) 39) Simulation 40) Serial Killer Status (Demo) 41) Chewed Up and Spit Out - In A Bowl 42) No Action 43) Katies Conscience 44) Intro 45) Banter 46) Happy Birthday 47) New Song 2 48) New Jam 49) Outro 50) Downbeat

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