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Boards of Canada

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada образовались в городе Эдинбург в 1986 году. Это шотландский дуэт в жанре электронной музыки, в состав которого входят братья Майкл Сэндисон (англ. Michael Sandison) (родился 10 июня 1969) и Маркус Эойн Сэндисон (англ. Marcus Eoin) (родился 21 сентября 1970). Музыканты написали ряд пластинок

Artist Tags For Boards of Canada

1) Ambient 2) Electronic 3) Idm 4) Electronica 5) Chillout

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Boards of Canada

1) Dayvan Cowboy 2) Roygbiv 3) Turquoise Hexagon Sun 4) Wildlife Analysis 5) Chromakey Dreamcoat 6) Everything You Do Is a Balloon 7) Peacock Tail 8) An Eagle in Your Mind 9) Olson 10) Aquarius 11) Music Is Math 12) Telephasic Workshop 13) The Color of the Fire 14) Satellite Anthem Icarus 15) Reach for the Dead 16) Sixtyten 17) Kaini Industries 18) Bocuma 19) Rue the Whirl 20) Oscar See Through Red Eye 21) Into the Rainbow Vein 22) Smokes Quantity 23) 1969 24) Open the Light 25) '84 Pontiac Dream 26) Pete Standing Alone 27) One Very Important Thought 28) Ready Lets Go 29) Beware the Friendly Stranger 30) A Moment of Clarity 31) Julie and Candy 32) Happy Cycling 33) Gyroscope 34) Dandelion 35) Sherbet Head 36) Hey Saturday Sun 37) Sunshine Recorder 38) Triangles & Rhombuses 39) Dawn Chorus 40) In the Annexe 41) Constants Are Changing 42) Ataronchronon 43) Slow This Bird Down 44) Over the Horizon Radar 45) Tears From the Compound Eye 46) The Beach at Redpoint 47) Energy Warning 48) The Smallest Weird Number 49) Opening the Mouth 50) Alpha and Omega

Frogtoon Music - Album information for Reach For The Dead

The first pre-released single from Boards Of Canada's highly anticipated forthcoming album has landed. "Reach For The Dead" does not disappoint; a weighty and beautifully rich track full of stirring emotion. Utterly transcendent.

Frogtoon Music - Album Tracks For Reach For The Dead

1) Reach for the Dead - 4:47 Reach For The Dead

Frogtoon Music - Album Tags For Reach For The Dead

Electronica - Warp Records - 2013 - 2013 Releases

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Boards of Canada